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About us

A Match Made In The Heavens


Guillaume has a long-standing passion for planes. He’s seen Top Gun at least twenty times. He knows an awful lot about antique propellers. But instead of becoming a pilot, Guillaume flies off to Asia, where he spends the next fifteen years of his life. Later he works at an investment bank, and meets his future wife in London. They bond over his cooking.

In 2016, Guillaume turns his back on a career in engineering, and decides to pursue his dream job. But first he has to figure out what his dream job is. His plan is to merge his two life passions: aviation and food.

He searches high and low for the perfect opportunity. Does research, drafts budgets and business plans. Much more than a business venture, Fly Me To The Food is the dream of a man wishing to stay untethered, optimistic and responsive to the world around him.

Guillaume sees travel as a mind-broadening encounter with the Other, fueled by imagination. Modeled on this life philosophy, Fly Me is more about the journey than the destination.


After years spent pouring over Excel spreadsheets in Paris’ business district, Thibaut decides it’s time for a life change. He decides to leave Paris, to kiss goodbye to the concrete, subway and a career in engineering. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery, exploring meditation, sophrology, theater and reassessing his role in life. His motto: “the human adventure.”

One day, Thibaut meets Guillaume, whose plan is starting to take shape. Thibaut brings to the project a new perspective, a new energy. His biggest contribution? An obsession with seasonal produce.

Together they are unstoppable. With a shared passion for gourmet food and a shared commitment to only the highest of standards, it really is a match made in (the) heaven(s).

If you should meet Thibaut in a bar, better not be in a rush. He loves nothing more than to regale company with on-the-fly restaurant reviews or tales of his latest culinary finds.