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Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex

Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex

"A cuisine of hidden depth"

Born into a family of chefs and hotel keepers, you could say Jean-Christophe was raised in a kitchen. It was there that, among the smells and flavors, he was schooled in the art of cooking, and learned to make the family recipes his own.

In love with the precision of pastry, and with its broad palette of flavors, Jean-Christophe started his culinary career as a pâtissier.

After discovering gourmet cuisine at culinary school, he worked in the kitchen at Hotel Million, in Albertville, before joining the team at the Domaine de Divonne, in Divonne-les-Bains.

Eventually, he returned to his hometown of Lyon, training with renowned chef Pierre Orsi.

A stint as personal chef to heiress Christina Onassis introduced him to the world of luxury and to a whole new set of gastronomical standards.

But the major turning point in Jean-Christophe’s career came when he met chef Didier Clément. Known for his nostalgic, personal approach to French cuisine, Clément introduced Jean-Christophe to a new style of cooking, far from the diktats of classic gastronomy. Jean-Christophe soon started incorporating overlooked garden vegetables into his own dishes, and before long developed his own, unique style of cooking.

His curiosity and imagination have been running wild since then. His dishes are artful, modern, elegant, and their simplicity belies a hidden depth.

Eventually, Jean-Christophe came full circle, and returned to the kitchen of his youth, taking over the Auberge de l’Île restaurant, run by his parents since 1967. In 1993, he was awarded his first Michelin star.

Over the years, Jean-Christophe has traveled extensively, finding creative inspiration in the world around him.

In 2011, Jean-Christophe met Guillaume Rastouil, founder of Fly Me, in 2011. Together they cooked up several food-related ventures.

Fly Me saw the light of day in November 2017 – the perfect outlet for Jean-Christophe and Guillaume to share their boyhood obsessions with the rest of the world. Culinary twists, unexpected flavors – hop on board for a voyage of the senses.