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Culinary destinations

  • The European

    The European

    Rollmops, croquetas, gazpacho, tortilla – the Old Continent gets a culinary makeover with this new spin on classic European dishes. With Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Spain, and the UK all sharing a plate, this is a truly continental tasting menu.

  • The Made In France

    The Made in France

    Next stop: the world’s culinary capital. Seasonal recipes, a rotating menu of regional specialties – this meal will please even the pickiest of gourmets. Take a bite out of France’s gastronomic tradition, and get acquainted with Pormonier, Chevrotin and Sabayon. It’s a bold menu that captures a unique culinary heritage.

  • The Asian

    The Asian

    Blending sweet and sour, land and sea, strength and subtlety, this meal is an exercise in contrast. Ginger, turmeric, cassava – ingredients complement each other for a flavorful experience. Borrowing from the ancient philosophy of yin and yang, this menu will bring pleasure to your tastebuds, and balance to your palate.

  • The American

    The American

    Let us take you on a culinary road trip through North and South America. From the USA to Argentina, via Mexico, this meal was concocted for you in the world’s greatest melting pot. Welcome to a New World of flavors – we guarantee it’s a trip you won’t forget.

  • The Oriental

    The Oriental

    Anyone for mezze? Drawing its inspiration from Arab, Israeli and Turkish cuisine, this tasting menu is laced with color and spices, with underlying notes of sweetness in the form of orange blossom, honey and pistacchio. A refined, healthy, and mouthwatering meal from a sun-kissed region.